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  • Florence 2035 Florence-site

    Our cities and their systems of energy, water, food, transport, shelter, and information are dependent on large flows of fossil …read more

  • Broadmeadows 2035 IMG_6903

    Following on from our engagement with Hume City Council and a series of ‘Vision: Broadmeadows 2032’ projects in 2009-2010, VEIL …read more

  • Broadmeadows 2032 panorama_broadmeadows_sml

    The City of Hume is a rapidly developing centre north of Melbourne, caught up in many of the problems of …read more

  • Sunshine 2032 collageopportunities

    Sunshine: The Opportunities. The Garden City layout of Sunshine is suited to the intensification of sustainable programs including urban agriculture, …read more

  • Mobility: City of Short Distances grow

    The Mobility Studios explore the interconnections and spaces between slow transport and public transport.  Mobility in 2032 is networked and decentralised.  …read more

  • EcoCity (EBD) Railway_bridge

    What does Melbourne look like in 2032?  In 2008, VEIL’s Design Hub members looked at the last remaining vacant land …read more

  • 2007-08 Studios walter hirschtfeld

    A series of multidisciplinary design studios run in 2007 and 2008.

  • Scenarios for climate change adaptation scenarios-climate-change-adaption

    VEIL has been working as part of a collaborative team for VCCCAR looking at the role and value of scenario …read more

  • Transforming Society “From Below” no_impact_man_2009_1024x768_974863

    A small research project to understand the dynamic of change “from below” has become a component of the disruptive change …read more

  • Food Freight food-freight

    VEIL releases Food Freight Reports The pressures of rising energy costs, potential carbon prices and increasing vulnerability in food supply …read more

  • Distributed Systems Research dist-sys-model

    There is a growing interest in distributed systems as an alternative design and governance approach for the provision of critical …read more

  • Eco-Innovation Seminars

    The Eco-Innovation Seminars are lectures given by a diverse group of experts aimed at informing academic design staff from Victorian universities of the challenges and opportunities of eco-innovation. The seminar sessions are open to all design academics (so that the …read more

  • ReDesign 2032 ily-fridman-hero

    An innovative design industry. The job of ReDesigning grew out of changes late last century, when manufacturers in Europe and …read more