Robert Eales

Websites Administrator
Robert Eales
ph 03 83449268

Rob maintains and develops all of the VEIL websites, which are the primary communication vector for the VEIL ideas and projects. The sites include Victorian Eco Innovation Lab, Sustainable Melbourne and Sustainable Cities and form an information network to convey the message of positive engagement in a low-carbon, low-fossil fuel future. Rob is currently completing a Research Masters of Industrial Design on the development of low carbon, sustainable, local manufacturing.

Current Projects:

Research Case Studies

VEIL has a research stream that is tasked with identifying and exploring priority needs and opportunities for eco-innovation in Victoria. Once an area has been identified, the research task focuses

Completed Work:

Sustainable Cities Network

A communications hub as “a portal to the future of cities” that are ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable. A project of the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL). For the first time