2007-08 Studios

This is an Eco-acupucture Design Project

A series of multidisciplinary design studios run in 2007 and 2008.

Design Studios from the 2007-2008 Eco-Acupuncture Design Project
How long does your building last? Longevity and adaptability are key ideas when thinking through sustainability in the built environment. The challenge for designers is to not only design buildings
Industrial Design – 2007-08
This fourth-year Industrial Design studio engaged students with eco-innovation concepts in the first year of the project. Studio Leader: Mark Richardson
Smart Green Schools
How might a building teach its users about sustainability? A substantial part of the school building stock within Australia needs replacement or refurbishment. Embodied energy, environmental impacts, operating costs and
Tactics and Strategies – 2007-08 Studios
Expanding social capital, conserving natural capital. In areas of social and economic disadvantage and resources scarcity, improvements to the built environment, funded through government, may reap social rewards. Wider cultural
Consuming 2032
What will shopping centers and retailing, ‘look and feel’ like? It is assumed that consumption patterns and consumption behaviour must become more sustainable over the next 25 years.  There is
Visualising Networked Neighbourhoods
Creating resilient waste free ‘ecologically sustainable’ human systems. The concept of sustainability is frequently linked to the limiting or regulation of human activities which we enjoy, aspire to, or find
Sustainable Sprawl – 2007-08
Studio Leader: Dr. Sidh Sintusingha
TS EcoGoat Brewery
Meals In Metropolis
What models of urban agriculture exist in Melbourne ?How could they be improved?  


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