Broadmeadows 2035


Following on from our engagement with Hume City Council and a series of ‘Vision: Broadmeadows 2032’ projects in 2009-2010, VEIL has returned to Broadmeadows to further collaborate with the council and local community in exploring and visioning sustainable and resilient futures for Broadmeadows. A group of Master of Architecture students from the University of Melbourne have developed a series of design projects addressing the challenges and opportunities of Broadmeadows as a post-industrial precinct facing uncertainty from the impact of rising oil prices, changes in climate and extreme weather events.

The Eco-Acupuncture program was developed by the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne in 2008. It brings research and education into direct engagement with specific communities to: examine emerging problems for the future resilience of a specific urban location; consider any complex system interactions that form part of those problems; visualise future possibilities; and, most critically, design a series of interventions as ‘transformation points’ towards a resilient low-carbon future.

Design Studios from the Broadmeadows 2035 Eco-Acupuncture Design Project
Broadmeadows 2035
The studio has focus on the future development of the Broadmeadows town centre and the surrounding post-industrial precinct. Broadmeadows is a suburb wrestling with many of the problems facing Australian