Eco-Innovation Seminar 1

Peter Harper (UK) Director of Research and Innovation Center of Alternative Technologies (CAT). Peter was the originator of the term ‘alternative technology’ and has been a prominent theorist of the movement since the early 70s. He is also a biologist, horticulturist and landscape designer. Peter will be talking about the data and projections from his “LifeStyle Lab” investigates the worldwide aspirations for “bourgeois” standards of living and asks what aspects of these aspirations can be delivered in a sustainable world. The “lifestyle lab” investigates both ‘high tech’ and low tech’ lifestyles.

Mick Pearce Designer of CH2 in Melbourne and many other innovative sustainable buildings and residential developments around the world). Mick will be talking about his current approach to models of residential housing which emphasise the social opportunities for low carbon living as well as his design strategies for physical and technological innovation.

Sheridan Blunt from the Melbourne City Council who is coordinating a large research project on water usage called “Melbourne as Catchment” tracking all the flows of Water in, around and out of the City as the basis for a new distributed water system for Melbourne.

Jeremy Reynolds, Manager of Demographic Research, Department of Planning and Community development Victoria he will talk about the history of demographic change in Melbourne and the social/economic/demographic dilemmas facing Melbourne’s future growth.