Melbourne’s food future: Planning a resilient city foodbowl

Image of the report cover showing vegetables and titleThe Foodprint Melbourne project has investigated:

  • What it takes to feed Melbourne – how much water, land and energy, and the associated food waste and GHG emissions
  • The vulnerabilities in the city’s food supply
  • The role of Melbourne’s city fringe foodbowl in increasing the resilience of the city’s food supply to chronic stresses and acute shocks from population growth, climate change and decreasing supplies of natural resources

Planning a resilient city foodbowl

Download the report Melbourne’s food future: Planning a resilient city foodbowl

Download the Summary briefing

Download the report from Deloitte Access Economics about the economic contribution of Melbourne’s foodbowl

The project has found that Melbourne is at the centre of a highly productive foodbowl. This foodbowl is a valuable source of fresh, healthy food for the city’s population, and makes a significant contribution to the regional economy. If Melbourne’s expansion continues to follow long term trends, the capacity of Melbourne’s foodbowl to feed the city could fall significantly. City foodbowls around Australia’s other state capitals are unlikely to be able to meet deficits in Melbourne’s fresh food supply, as they are facing similar pressures from population growth and urban sprawl.

This latest report from the Foodprint Melbourne project – Melbourne’s food future: Planning a resilient city foodbowl – makes the case for Melbourne to grow in a way that retains the capacity of its city foodbowl in order to strengthen the resilience of the city’s food system to face chronic stresses and acute shocks. It presents a vision for a resilient city foodbowl and outlines the key elements of a policy framework to support this vision. The report draws on the findings of previous reports from the Foodprint Melbourne project.


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