Sunshine Studio Atelier: Final Presentations

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Final project presentations to a guest panel.

Thursday 31st May
The final student presentations were held in our makeshift studio shop in Sunshine Plaza, signalling the end of a semester embedded in the community as the VEIL Sunshine studio atelier. A panel of guests including Lukas Nott and Simon McCuskey from Brimbank City Council, and Kate Archdeacon and Kirsten Larsen from VEIL provided feedback and assessment on the students’ presentations and were impressed with the standard and level of engagement with their projects. The presentations were open to the public and we had a number of visitors and community members drop by throughout the day.

The presentations were held both inside the shop and on the shopping centre concourse, with some students displaying their panels on the exterior windows of the shop for their presentation. This certainly added to the level of curiosity from passers-by! We are looking forward to further engaging with the public during the exhibition. Congratulations to the students on their Vision: Sunshine 2032 projects, and a special thank you to the Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre for hosting the studio for the semester, and Brimbank City Council for their continual involvement and support.

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Domain: Masters of Architecture
Studio: Vision Sunshine Studio Atelier
Studio Leader: Michael Trudgeon

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