Sunshine Studio Atelier: Week Eleven

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Penultimate presentations: Final chance for feedback from a guest panel.

Thursday 17th May
It’s hard to believe we’ve already arrived at week eleven in the Sunshine Studio Atelier. This week saw the students make their penultimate presentations to an invited panel. This was their last chance to garner feedback from a range of guests before their final presentations on the 31st May. Over the course of the semester some very promising projects have been developed, and the students’ level of engagement with their sites and the community is evident in their work. The students’ presentations have also come a long way, with most being much more clear and concise, both visually and verbally. We were lucky to have Chris Ryan, Che Biggs, and Kate Luckins from VEIL, and Simon Cookes, leader of the thesis studio looking at Sunshine, giving feedback to the students in preparation for the final stretch. The students now have two weeks to continue working hard on the projects and presentations. We look forward to seeing them on the 31st for the final critique session with a panel of guests from VEIL, Melbourne University, Brimbank City Council and the Department of Planning and Community Development.

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Domain: Masters of Architecture
Studio: Vision Sunshine Studio Atelier
Studio Leader: Michael Trudgeon

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